PRESS RELEASE: Khedr proposes regional Auditor General

‘We need a fiscal watchdog’’

Khedr commits to regional Auditor General

April 17 — Committing herself to taxpayer power, Ward 4 council candidate Rabia Khedr today became the only candidate to call for the introduction of an Auditor General for all of Peel Region.

“It’s not enough to have an auditing firm come through once a year and do a run through of the books,” said Ms Khedr.  “As taxpayers we need the protection of an Auditor General who has oversight of every dollar spent.”

Citing the federal Senate scandal and the numerous cases of fiscal impropriety such as those experienced in Brampton, the Ward 4 candidate said she believes the only way to keep spending in line and limit inappropriate individual expenditure is all-year oversight. Ms. Khedr points out that Brampton had an interim auditor general during its recent fiscal impropriety crisis.

“Look, I run a not-for-profit independent business.  I know as well as anyone that costs must be kept in line and council needs to be accountable for both short- and long-term spending plans.  The introduction of an Auditor General will mean councillors and employees will have a nearby source authority on fiscal ethics and appropriate spending. This is how we protect taxpayers from over spending, and protect elected officials and employees from charges of mishandling of public funds.”

Ms Khedr consulted Ontario’s Ombudsman André Marin who gave his approval to the idea of Mississauga having its own Auditor General.  Municipal oversight is not entirely new; Toronto introduced an internal auditor’s office after the MFP spending scandal of the 1990’s.

“I intend to introduce the proposal at council, while working behind the scenes to make sure we have this fiscal watchdog in place.  With a gross annual budget nearing $700 million, we need a full-time auditor general.”

Ms. Khedr estimates that the cost of the office of an Auditor General will be easily offset by the savings that result from the office exercising its mandate.  “It’s a value-for-money proposition,” she adds.  “The addition of an Auditor General’s oversight will also eliminate costly duplication of services and costs.”