Rabia Khedr

Rabia Khedr, BA, MA

Rabia Khedr, BA, MA

My Story

I was born in 1969, and came to Canada with my parents when I was four.

I attended Cooksville Public School, Briarwood, the Valleys and Applewood Heights. I attended the University of Toronto’s Mississauga Campus then known as Erindale College and earned a Bachelor of Arts degree graduating in 1993.
I found engagement and growing neighbourhood quality of life.

In 1994, I found my niche in working with others to address issues of fairness and justice. I had a heartfelt interest in community, married Hossam Khedr, who is an IT leader in a financial company. We have four children (all born right here in Mississauga) and all of whom I am proud to say are exceptional citizens.
After years of child-rearing, work experience and consulting, I went back to school and completed my MA from York University in 2013.


AchievementsBeing blind, I do see things differently. I listen hard. I remember details. I speak truth to power. I will leverage these abilities to your advantage. I will listen to your needs and concerns. I will speak up for you at decision-making tables. I will think out of the box to solve problems and inspire positive change. After all, I have done this all my life.

Grassroots Power:
When a redevelopment project was going to impact the character and quality of life of our neighbourhood, I knocked on doors to make sure that my neighbours were informed and understood that they had a say in the application process. Even though the developer appealed to the Ontario Municipal Board, our grassroots campaign prompted them to rule in our favour.

Personal Initiative:
When I found my job wasn’t bringing positive results for people with disabilities seeking employment, I started my own consulting business and took on projects that had direct impact in the field.

Community Building:
When women, youth and children from diverse communities faced barriers to participation in recreational activities, I brought people together to build capacity to create programs.

Direct Action:
When caregivers were struggling to find programs for their adult family members with developmental disabilities, I brought parents together to establish peer support and create long terms strategies to address service gaps because we knew we could not wait for government to solve things for us.