Press release: Khedr welcomes public transit enhancements

Press release: Khedr welcomes public transit enhancements

April 21 – Ward 4 Council candidate Rabia Khedr responded favourably today while attending the transit enhancement announcement of Steven Del Duca, Ontario Minister of Transportation.


Rabia at the press conference

Rabia Khedr at the announcement

Del Duca announced the province will pick up the entire $1.6 billion cost of a Hurontario LRT. The Hurontario LRT will transect Ward 4, running 23 km and includes 26 stops. Construction begins in 2018 with service online in 2022. Del Duca calls this a “transformational” investment “that will form the north-south spine of a regionally integrated transit system.”

“I applaud this announcement and congratulate Mayor Crombie and Mayor Jeffrey on advocating with the province to push forward regional transportation improvements. An affordable, efficient and integrated system of public transit will curb gridlock in the future. It will encourage our future generations and new residents of the region to use public transit as a viable alternative,” said Ms. Khedr.

“It is about time that Peel got its fair share of investment from the province. Kudos to the new mayors for getting the job done within their first four months in office. This will mean more jobs and more development opportunities,” Ms. Khedr commented.

“Residents along Hurontario will face the brunt of the inconvenience for some time once the project gets underway,” Ms. Khedr added. “These are the necessary growing pains we will endure, but improving public transit is necessary for our future generations. I am pleased they had the wisdom to avoid the massive expense of a subway line.

“Still, it is Council’s job to ensure that we stand firm on costs and that the work is completed on time and on budget.”

Bonnie Crombie at the announcement

Mayor Bonnie Crombie at the announcement