My Platform

“What kind of community do you want to live in — 20 years from now?”

Our quality of life as residents of Mississauga and as citizens of this great country is on the line! Our infrastructure is old. We face daily gridlock. Our youth and newcomers aren’t finding quality jobs. Our neighbourhoods are facing increasing crime. Our environment is of increasing concern.

“Let’s invest today to ensure a well planned city for the next generation.”

Preparing for tomorrow… NOW

We need to make sure that we are planning improvements to infrastructure proactively, so that we aren’t caught off guard when the rain hits us heavy and basements in our older neighbourhoods are flooded.

I want to ensure that the state of our infrastructure is assessed and that we negotiate with federal and provincial partners to ensure a seamless mechanism for accessing resources in emergencies. We shouldn’t have to begin negotiations and determine processes once we are faced with a crisis. An investment in our infrastructure today will save us money tomorrow. We have to bring all three levels of government together working in partnership for our residents and sharing in the cost of improvements.


“There’s wall-to-wall traffic jams in the future…unless you and I do
something now.”

Transportation and Gridlock

We need to ensure that public transit is constantly being improved and appropriately linked to business districts in and around the city so that it is seen as an efficient and viable alternative to driving.


“It’s time to act to preserve the quality of life in Ward 4.”

A Thriving Economy

We need to support appropriate redevelopment to maintain and enhance
the character of our neighbourhoods. When redevelopment applications are
brought to my attention, I will ensure that the interests of residents are
balanced with the interests of developers. I am committed to being
transparent, accessible and fair. I will be responsive to individual
residents and will definitely hear your concerns and provide you with the
necessary information and support to ensure your views are paramount.

We need to constantly seek partnerships and opportunities to support
innovation leveraging the power of diversity in our great city. Small
business is the backbone of our economy. To strengthen small business, I
will enhance relationships with professional associations, business networks
and cultural groups to explore ideas and opportunities.

Furthermore, I will initiate the creation of a Business Improvement
Area to support our small businesses within Ward 4.
Mississauga needs to grow an identity that is recognized worldwide.

We need to brand our City to attract investment. For example, our City can
become a leading international hub for research and innovation in health
services and technology supporting our aging population. With Trillium and
other medical research facilities, we already have a head start.

Maintaining Hospitable Neighbourhoods

As a ward, we need a strategy that utilizes our existing resources
to make sure that property standards are maintained, issues of street
parking are managed and that bylaws are responding effectively and
efficiently to neighbourhood matters.

I will establish a youth action network within Ward 4 to help reach
out to youth and engage them in neighbourhood clean-up days, to connect
youth to seniors to assist with snow clearing and lawn/yard maintenance.

My Commitment

“I will be an elected representative who understands, acknowledges and will never forget my power originates with your support. When I attend the Mississauga City and Peel Region Councils, your voice is at the tables.”

An Honourable Code of Conduct

Transparency, fairness and accessibility are key principles that matter to me. I will be accessible to you in person, by telephone and social media. I will also establish ways to engage you through community consultations to seek your advice and input on decisions that impact you.

I will work diligently on your behalf to make sure that your views are always heard. We will work together to build a Mississauga that values you not only as taxpayers, but also as citizens sharing in the responsibility of making a great city ever greater.